The Banka Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

“I’m a strong believer in, if you build ’em, you gotta ride ’em. No point parking a show pony in the shed,” said Banka.

MY DAY JOB is a motorcycle riding instructor. After riding motorcycles for 24 years, I think I was born to do this job. Motorcycle riding to me is not just a job, but a passion, so it’s important for me to have a smooth looking ride that can do the big road trips. I have mates and family all over Australia and I regularly saddle up and go and party with them.

I’m a strong believer in, if you build ’em, you gotta ride ’em. No point parking a show pony in the shed. My ride has to represent who I am. I’m a bit out there, covered in tattoos and don’t mind the attention.

After building an ’86 FXR a few years ago, the build was just about complete when a silly old fool pulled out of his driveway on a blind hill and put an end to that and nearly my life. I said after that, whatever happens now was meant to be. Life can be short so you gotta live it. Riding Harleys is like therapy to me — there’s no better feeling in the world.

After the FXR I decided to have a crack at injected Harley-Davidson horsepower. I purchased a Wide Glide from the boys at Heavy Duty Motorcycles in Brisbane. After a 4000 km road trip to Mission Beach and North Queensland to visit some old mates, I decided it didn’t have the ‘Hey, look at me factor.’ Then I spotted the Fat Boy at Heavy Duty Motorcycles and fell in love with it. So after doing a deal with the boys on the Wide Glide, I picked up the Fat Boy and rode her home with a big smile on my face.

Now this bike had some style, but it still needed some modifications to say, “This is you, Banka.” But first, I had to saddle up and head to Sydney to see if the Fat Boy was a road tripper. She was great on the trip, catching up with mates. This was the ride for me.

The Fat Boy is a 1340 V-twin with a Screamin’ Eagle air cleaner. She sucks the cool air nice on a big run. The upswept fishtail pipes, whitewall tyres and solid disc wheels give it a bit of an old school flavour.

Paint is black with factory badging and red pin-striping. I am currently designing a paint job to match its old school theme. Chrome compliments the rest of the bike.

Now when it comes to handlebars, I like ’em big. “Are they comfy?” I’m commonly asked. My answer is, “Who cares, cool factor over-rides all.” Nothing screams, ‘Hey, look at me,’ better than a set of Burleigh Bars 20-inch chubby ape-hangers. These bars have some serious thickness and size. Thanks Kurtzo.

The Fat Boy is currently at a stage where I’m very happy with its look, handling and performance. But like all Harleys, there’s always something that needs improving. I enjoy riding with my mates and living the Harley dream. There’s no better feeling rumbling down the freeway with your mates on a cool looking ride.

Special thanks to Caroline Hammond; you know what for. I would like to extend a big thank you to my model, Maya, who travelled from Ballina for the photo shoot. Most importantly, thanks to Vicki and my son Cody for putting up with me and sharing my passion for Harleys.


I AM a cheeky girl who likes to have fun and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have some experience in catwalk, promotional and commercial modelling but lately most of my energy is spent on studying and practising photography. I have been pole dancing for three years. Most weekends you will find me at the strip clubs on the Gold Coast. I’m addicted to the buzz I get when I learn a new trick on the pole.

I really enjoyed doing this shoot for Ozbike. I love being in front of the camera especially when a motorbike is involved.

photos by Jules at Top Gun.

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