Diggers MMC Brisbane Launch Party

The inaugural party of a motorcycle club at an army barracks in Brisbane! I had to check this one out…

THE DIGGERS MMC was officially launched in Sydney. Since then, new chapters have started in Northern NSW and Brisbane, with other groups from Melbourne and Townsville soon to follow suite. The club was formed by serving and ex-serving members of the armed forces to act as ‘common ground’ for members of the military brotherhood with a passion for the motorcycling lifestyle. A lot of returned servicemen find it pretty damn hard to re-adjust to everyday life once they are back on home soil and this is where the Diggers can help out by making the transgression smoother. Respect is always shown towards one another’s past service commitments and the experiences that they have had can be more easily shared and dealt with by blokes that have actually been there and done it themselves.

Now, on to the party! I must admit, I did have a few reservations about what to expect from a party that was taking place on an army base! But what an eye opener it turned out to be! I was greeted at the door of the barracks by Hawkeye, the Brisbane chapter’s President, a cold beer was thrust into my hand and he introduced me to the other members including the four who flew up from Sydney to take part in the festivities. The entry fee also included a BBQ which was well under way. So far, so good!

Once inside, it was all systems go with some good music being piped out from behind a well stocked bar, heaps of revellers enjoying the night, and a lovely, semi-naked drink waitress (with multiple piercings and a purple tail) serving up the coldies. What more could a man ask for? I was in a ‘happy place’.

Members from other military orientated clubs who came along to enjoy the evening included the Bothers In Arms and the Patriots. There were a few little chicky babes dotted around the hall as well. I don’t know who they were but they certainly added a further aesthetically pleasing dimension to the night’s proceedings!

As usual, time flies when you’re having fun and before I knew it, the raffles were about to be drawn. With the assistance of one of the little honeys I mentioned earlier, the crowd went silent in anticipation that this gorgeous creature may soon be pulling their balls out — pulling them out of the barrel, you perverts! There was a stack of prizes up for grabs; one lucky bloke won a private lap dance which turned out to be not so private. I counted about five of us crammed into the small room with our cameras snapping away at one stage while the young fella got a graphic depiction of ‘where did I come from?’ by the not-so-shy lass sprawled before him.

More raffles were drawn, a lot more grog was guzzled, more topless waitresses arrived and the party kicked along nicely. A Hell of a good night was had by one and all.

The Diggers MMC wish to thank all those who attended on the night and made the party the success that it was. Thanks to Hawkeye, Roadblock and all the Diggers for their hospitality and a great party. Cheers.

Diggers Military Motorcycle Club 16

Words & pics by Chuck

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