Magenta from the Gold Coast

I GREW up in Cleveland, Brisbane, and moved to the Gold Coast because it’s such a party atmosphere. No, that’s not true; I moved because I’m a dancer and there are better clubs to dance at on the Gold Coast. I love dancing. I’m currently working at Cheerleaders Sports Bar on Orchid Avenue. It’s got plasma screens everywhere so you can come in and watch the game or whatever, and have a little look at the girls as well.

I’ve been dancing for four years. Before that I was at school. Yep, straight out of school into dancing. 

What’s the future hold? A lot more photos, a lot more dancing and a lot more money… Truthfully, I don’t really know as yet. Just sort of see where things take me. I’ve actually been doing a florist and horticultural course for a little while; I like it.

It was a bit of a shock meeting all the bikies. People say they are big and tough and scary but, you know, they were all nice to me.

I don’t know anything about motorbikes, except that they have two wheels. Danny’s bike is the first motorbike I’ve sat on; it’s a very nice bike to sit on.

Danny’s Bike was built as a Tribute to the Aussie men and women fighting overseas. Check the full feature.

studio pics by Walter Wall

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