Gold Temptation Chopper

Dale enlisted Bomber at King Pin Choppers to build his Temptation.

DALE CAME down from Mackay to see me and he had obviously been to quite a lot of shops beforehand. He was interested in our King Pin Chopper kit, the basis for whatever bike anyone wants. We can do a roller, the whole kit, or we can build the bike for you. Initially, with these kits, you get to choose from about 12 sets of mags, four or five sets of tanks, about a dozen sets of handlebars, different front-ends and different engines. Basically, you design your own chopper and then we put it together for you.

He gave us the go-ahead we proceeded to build it using one of my King Pin Chopper frames.

Dale wanted an A-grade engine so I suggested using the Total Performance engine which is one of the greatest available. We got him a 124 cube engine with a polished six-speed gearbox.

He wanted an American Suspension springer front-end and the most way-out exhaust we could get. I came up with the idea of that sweeping forward exhaust and air-cleaner. They were manufactured by Fat Pipes in Brisbane.

Dale said he loved girls with big boobs on stripper-poles so I saw Little Mick who said that wasn’t a problem. Unbelievably, he’s got a lot of girls on there with big boobs and stripper-poles. It’s the new House of Color gold paint with lots of fleck. A very old-school metallic look, and in the sun, it looks fantastic which was the look he was after.

Dale came down quite a few times from Mackay during the build which took six months. He nick-named it Temptation which he has had written on the tank.

We still have to go through the rego process but he wants to show it for 12 months before changing it into his ride bike. 

It actually handles fantastic. I’m very surprised at how well it rides with the up-stretch instead of the rake out the front. I’ve used our super frame that doesn’t flex with the big engine. 

Dale had to have nude girls too so I lined up the two models. They’ve been hounding me for years that if I ever had a photo shoot, could they do it. They went well and they were quite happy so it was great that it all worked out.

Photos by Walter Wall; words by Bomber at King Pin Choppers.

Jade & Jessie

JADE: Bomber asked me to do this shoot and I asked to bring my sister Jessie along with me. I’m glad we did it; it was exactly what I expected. I’ve done personal pictures for modelling before but nothing like this. I’ve been around bikes for a while but mainly because of Bomber. I’m a Brisbane girl, been here all my life. I currently live out on a farm where I’ve got horses, cows and dogs. I’ve also got a four month old baby called Nevaeh which is Heaven spelt backwards.

Jessie: I’ve got three boys, they’re a handful at times but I don’t have any grey hairs yet so that’s a good sign. I don’t live on a farm like Jade but I do live on the north side of Brisbane.

We’ve known Bomber for a few years now through our Mum. I did a show with Bomber a while ago with the Croc Bike and Bike Week with him a couple of years back.

Jade asked me to come do this shoot with her. I’m happy I did because we had a great time. The Walter, the photographer, was excellent and charming!

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