Odin’s Warriors MC Brisbane Street & Custom Bike Show

I reckon this is one bike show you wouldn't want to miss...

I PROMISED myself I wasn’t gunna start any more stories with a fuckin’ weather report but this one is an exception. Beautiful sunny Queensland had rained for three days leading up to the weekend, but no sooner had we arrived at the show, at about midday on Saturday, and it seemed that Odin had given Mother Nature one mighty kick in the arse — the rain stopped, the skies cleared and the crowd started to roll in.

The Street and Custom Bike Show was all go from the minute you set foot inside the gate. Bagman, the one man band, was warming the crowd up inside the clubhouse; the trade and food stalls were doing a roaring trade; and of course, the show bikes were lined up under the safety of a huge marquee for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

The boys from Cunning Stunts put on three performances for the show-goers through the course of the afternoon. Young Sammo had the crowd in awe as he did his thing aboard his battle scarred Jappa. This bloke does to his bike what I do to my liver — punishes it mercilessly. Always a great show from these blokes and you can learn more about ’em at www.cunningstunts.com.

Brisbane Custom Bike Show 12

The burnout comp was next on the agenda and the boys really turned it on. A wheelie bin was employed as a safety precaution and wheeled in behind each bike to avoid the crowd from being sprayed with molten rubber. This worked well until the bin itself became a victim by nearly going into melt-down due to the ferocity of the participants efforts. Well done fellas!

The lovely girls from The Oasis were walking amongst the crowd throughout the day helping to sell tickets for raffles and posing for photos; all good PR work for this fine, um, gentleman’s club, shall we say.

With the afternoon slowly drawing to a close, it was time to hand out the various trophies and raffle winners prizes. Skeeta handled the MC duties and now holds the world record for the longest trophy presentation and raffle draw in the history of mankind. It would have been a lot quicker, had more of the raffle winners been on hand to collect their prizes. So it’s simple! If you buy tickets, hang around for the draws, all are welcome, and the clubhouse has truckloads of cold alcohol on sale while you’re waiting for your name to get called out. The trophies and the prizes were top-shelf, but the biggest winner was Moe who walked away with the grand prize for the day, an Ultima gearbox. It don’t get much better than that!

No, I don’t recall the names of the various winners for the various categories in the bike show. The winners were easy to spot though — big grins, a flash looking trophy and an arm full of Motul products.

Like I said before, Odin was watching over us on the day, and no sooner had the after-show party kicked off, the Heavens opened up once again.

The clubhouse filled up just in time for the strippers; fuckin’ great timing on all counts. After the lovelies put on great acts but I reckon one ’em was a magician the way she made things disappear.

Brisbane Custom Bike Show 4

The last band for night, Sparkz, took to the stage and we partied the night away in fine style.

Once again, another great bike show by the Odin’s Warriors MC.

Brisbane Custom Bike Show 3

Pics by Jo; words by Chuck U Farley

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