Black Uhlans MC Gold Coast Poker Run

May as well do it in style!

WE ARRIVED at the Tavern at around 9.30 am to find the parking lot rapidly filling up with bikes. The ride was due to leave at 10.30 which gave us plenty of time for the usual “G’days”, to register, grab our first card and ample time to down a couple of heart starters before we headed off on the first leg.

Funnily, it seemed that the local constabulary was also staging some sort of a procession as we counted six marked cars, six bikes, two highway patrol cars, the operation HYDRA 4×4 (and a Partridge in a pear tree) all sitting at the opposite end of the parking lot. Turns out they had all come along (uninvited as per-fuckin-usual) to take part in our day’s proceedings. Anyone with a criminal mind would have deemed it an ideal opportunity to indulge in some devious, criminal type activities, due to the fact that half of Gold Coast’s finest were busy chasing around a heap of bikes all day. We were just out for a social ride with our mates! Apart from picking of a few tail-enders for a couple of minor traffic infringements, it all turned out to be a bit of wasted day for the boys in blue. AGAIN!

The pack of around 150 bikes made their way north up the M1 before turning off the highway for the winding road which found us at the first stop, the Eagle Heights Tavern. The view from the beer garden at the rear of the Tavern was sensational!

We stayed at Eagle Heights for about an hour before heading off back down the mountain for the lunch stop at the Canungra Hotel.

The lunch was organised so we could eat as soon as we arrived. A smorgasbord indeed! Steak, thick beef sausages, gravy, assorted salads with really fresh bread and cubes of butter. Just help yourself. YUMMOOOEE!! Surely one of the best lunches we’ve had on any poker run.

Not sure how long we were there but before long we were on the road again on our way to Nerang for the third stop at the Lawrence Drive Tavern. The manager was out front to greet us as the street filled with bikes and bar was soon busier than the ‘refunds’ section at a ticket booth for a Michael Jackson concert! The gorgeous little barmaids did a great job of serving up the coldies. Very polite and it was service with a smile the whole time.

The fourth card was dealt, down the hatch with a cold beer, and soon we found ourselves heading back down the highway on the short hop back to the clubhouse for the last card and time to party.

No sooner had we got our last cards, ripped the top off a couple of stubbies, and the burn-out comp was in full swing in the adjoining parking lot. A few bikes took part but Gee, aboard his green machine, took out the top honours and the $250 prize money by lighting it up to the extent where we were waiting for the fire brigade to turn up. The entire area was engulfed in tyre smoke and it had the spectators running for cover. Nice work Gee!

The various trophies and awards were handed out not long after. There was even a goose club draw thrown into the mix to add to the huge swag of prizes and cash on offer.

With the official duties out of the way, we kicked back and partied on for the rest of the evening. A quick scan around the clubhouse showed that the smiles on the faces in the crowd were a sure sign that a good time was had by all. It was also great to see the other 1% clubs that took part in the run, stayed for the party and showed their support.

Great pubs, pretty barmaids, perfect weather, the best lunch stop and some brilliant roads — as far as poker runs go, the Black Uhlans MC certainly had all the boxes ticked for the running of this year’s event.

Black Uhlans MC Gold Coast Poker Run 24

Pics by Danny 666 & Jo; words by Chuck & Danny 666

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