Road King to the Tip of Oz

HI mate — I live and work up in Aurukun in Cape York. The road to the ‘tip’ is a drawcard for 4×4 enthusiasts each year during the dry season. Spending a small fortune on prepping their rigs with everything they can find in an ARB and Kings catalogue, I see these wombat city cowboys doing their version of the Paris to Dakar everyday in their pimped-up rigs. 

But yesterday was the first time that I’ve ever seen a 1996 Road King, completely modified, doing this brutal dirt road. 

To put it into perspective, on a good day, a trip from Cairns to Bamaga should take 16 hours — but not for Harvey who I pulled up alongside at the Archer river crossing on his way back from the most northern point on the Australian continent. After initially telling him he’s got to be a lunatic, I qualified the statement with adding that he must be a lunatic with massive balls. 

What a champion bloke, and as far as I’m aware, the first bloke to get to the tip on a bog-standard Road King. If there is a Victoria cross for riding a Harley, this bastard should get one. 

Regards, TIM WHITE, Kapani, Aurukun.

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