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Advertise on the OZBIKE website and you will gain access to a targeted market of motorbike enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest trends in custom bike building. They also rely on it for all the latest product releases, technical information and coverage of all the major bike shows and biker events.

There are currently 2000 posts and product pages on the OZBIKE website and your advert will appear on all of them. The OZBIKE website is updated daily with new content; your advert will be added to each new post.

Your advert will also have a live link back to your website; and you can change your advert any time you like.

Advertise on the OZBIKE website and you will receive FREE business profiles, FREE publication of your press releases and product reviews.

OZBIKE has a reach of approximately 92,500 organic views-per-month across all channels — website and social.

Advertising on the OZBIKE website is just $299 per month.

For more information about advertising on the OZBIKE website, contact Skol:

The results of our latest survey reveal the following facts about our readers:

82% earn in excess of $100,000 a year with 27% earning more than $150,000.

58% regularly buy products advertised on the OZBIKE website.

86% own a motorbike and 22% of them do their own maintenance.

72% are likely to buy custom bike parts in the near future.

93% of them own a motor car.

87% of our readers are in the 25 to 50 years of age group.

If any of the above profiles fit your market, you must advertise on the OZBIKE website — it delivers your target audience!

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