Sinister Rocker C & Roshie

“I stumbled upon the beautiful Harley-Davidson Rocker C hiding up the back of the showroom…. I bought her on the spot and the journey began…”

I HAVE BEEN riding since I was about 20 or 21 years old. My first bike was a CBR 250RR, then I moved onto a CBR 954 Fire Blade for about five years, then I bought a Aprilia RSV 1000.

A few years later we bought my Dad a Harley for his birthday and I realised pretty quickly that I loved riding it more than the sports, so I went looking for my own and haven’t looked back.

Two years ago I stumbled upon the beautiful Harley-Davidson Rocker C hiding up the back of the local Harley dealer showroom and knew I had to have it. The bike was so attractive standard and only had a few basic mods at that time such as pipes and grips. I bought her on the spot and the journey began. 

I headed to see the guys at MCA Auburn and bought full set of Sinister Elite Chrome rims, 21 x 2.5 front, 18 x 8.5 rear, matching front and rear rotors, and pulley, which made their way from the States. The increase in wheel size meant a custom front guard painted and airbrushed was needed.

I couldn’t stop there so next up Performance Machine front and rear four-piston chrome calipers. 

For a sweeter ride I sorted out Legend Air Suspension with a three-inch drop from standard and adjustable ride heights. 

The drop in height meant a custom one-inch shorter stand was needed otherwise the bike sat dangerously straight when resting. 

Time for some aesthetic and practical modifications: chrome belt guards and inner primary, Battistinis shift linkage, grips, shift peg, brake peg and foot pegs, forward control kit, Willie G derby cover, timer cover and ignition cover. 

She originally came with T-bars but I thought it needed something more so I switched up to 16-inch Roland Sands King Ape bars with diamond back brake and clutch lines, and Arlen Ness Rad iii hand controls with chrome Harley switch blocks. 

The mirrors with LED indicators built in sat too high on top, so I had them flipped to hang underneath which worked perfectly. 

The final touches, for now, are a Scorpion air cleaner and Vance & Hines pipes.

There’s not much on the bike that I haven’t touched or turned to chrome. Lots of hard work to keep her clean, but with all the work it’s best when she shines. She looks pretty much perfect for me now which would suggest no more mods to come. But never say never, can’t say something new won’t catch my eye.

Words by Adrian Rossi


I LOVE BIKES, especially if there’s a girl on top of it. I mean, a guy on a bike is hot and there’s always this air of mystery and danger to him, but there is nothing hotter than a tiny chick with a massive machine between her legs, hair flowing in the wind… I’ll stop there, I ‘m getting carried away with the image. Unfortunately, I’ve only ever been on the back of a bike or around this one for the shoot.

I love to laugh so if a guy can make me laugh, you’ve probably already got me.

I model full time so I shoot almost every day, but I had never done a shoot on a bike before today and it was really intimidating at first, actually. I was terrified that I was going to accidentally knock it over because I’m such a klutz. 

I sort of fell into modelling after a photographer friend begged, for almost six months, to shoot with him. I was very intimidated because he was a fashion photographer and only shot these slim, elegant, tall and stunning models. I’m five foot six and simply didn’t think I was qualified to do a photo shoot. However, I found my niche, and have never looked back. I mainly shoot alternative stuff and hope to get more heavily involved in latex fashion so, if you know anyone, I am your girl. 

I was born in South Africa, moved to England where I spent most of my teen years, and then moved to Australia which is my favourite country so far. 

I’m studying to become a pilot; I love flying; always have. 

I don’t have any pets for the reason I’m very bad at looking after things; I had this cute cactus, briefly, but it turns out they die really easily.

In my spare time, I love playing with fire; I eat, breath and sleep it. Okay, maybe not sleep but I spin using a contact staff, double staff, breath massive fire balls, and I can also light my skin on fire and trace it around my body. It’s pretty dangerous but there lies the appeal for me, I guess. 

I only work with professional photographers and take bookings through my Facebook page, which also hosts hundreds of my photos from shoots. Check it out at

Photos by Wall 2 Wall

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