Long Live Long Flat Rally

Long Flat is usually a sleepy little town—but look out! Here we come again. Bikes, babes, beers and burnouts all rolled into one great weekend.

IT WAS A hard call dodging the rain on the way from Sydney. Most of us arrived high and dry. I myself had starter motor problems, but Ricko had his wallet lightened by a nice cunstable in Bulahdelah who decided to pinch him for an aftermarket helmet which most of us wear.

Catching up with our mates who rode down from Queensland, I noticed Ray’s bike. He tells me the frangapannies painted on his bike will keep the thieves away… fair dinkum.

For those riders who braved the unpredictable weather conditions, there was plenty of action all weekend. The skies opened up Friday night which just added more atmosphere inside the pub. It was a bit squeezy—you ever been inside a pub with 400 bikers who no shower in the camp ground?

There was a great little bike show on Saturday for those who rode; no trailer queens here.

With the hint of rain, I decided to liven things up with my spare bike—it time for one hell of a burnout! Two minutes of smoke screen later, and new line markings on the road, she was put back on the trailer. Yep, you should only trailer burnout bikes to a rally, not show bikes.

A few local girls and girlfriends were enticed to partake in the tittie show on Saturday night. There was a cash prize on offer and a man does need drinking money.

Despite the stumbling moans and groans from your drunkin’ mates, this isn’t a rally for sleeping. Let’s party. With live music that plays well into the early hours topped off with plenty of food and piss, this is the best fun a man with two wheels, maybe three, could have.

This is a fair dinkum rally put on by the Shed Social Club. My hat goes off to Corey and the guys—great weekend—see you guys next year.

words & pics by Gazza

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