Mi Vida Loca

From just an old chopper it turned into a bloody show bike.

SIMON’S BIKE has been around for a few years now. He told me to virtually take it and do what I like with it. He still hadn’t done anything with the Evo motor so we started off with that. It now has a 93-cube S&S Shovel motor, then we got a six-speed gearbox for it.

Foot clutches are normally rod-operated. This one is hydraulic. It’s not uncommon to see a hydraulic hand clutch these days, but this is the first hydraulic foot clutch I’ve seen. I fabricated the shifter to suit.

The frame has been stretched eight inches. 

It features a 10-spoke PM wheel on the front and a drag race wheel on the rear with a 180 tyre.

Joe Web did the paint; it was Simon’s design.

Dave from Bad Arse did his seat.

Ky did a lot of the fabrication—the number plate, taillight, guards, battery box, etc.

The front exhaust pipe where it comes through the frame was a big job. A standard header pipe uses an expandable/bendable section there, but I spent a lot of time on so we could use solid pipe that slips together in the right places. It came up really good.

Photos by Wall-2-Wall; words by Winger

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