Harlequin Harley-Davidson Softail

Harlequin is a good description for this bike because it changes colour in different lights.

I BOUGHT this bike brand new in 2010, took it home and started to make it my own. I ended up separated not long after I bought it so I had a bit more money to spend, being on my own, no-one telling me not to.

I started by doing little bits and pieces at a time; got a lot of chrome extras. I ended up doing the front-end when I had no licence for a few months. I changed the triple trees to chrome-plated Tribal, got the fork sliders polished up and put on the 23-inch Sinister front wheel.

I couldn’t find any 23-inch guards I liked, but found one that wrapped right around the rim and didn’t show much. I drew a pencil sketch of what I wanted and started cutting it out, smoothed it off and got it painted. It came up really nice; I’m pretty happy with it.

Had Scotty, one of my good mates down my way at Albion Park Rail, paint it. I didn’t want anything really bright and Scotty suggested the Monte Carlo colour.

The risers are the same height, only thicker; the handlebars are stock.

I have a buddy seat for it but I try to keep the single seat on it as much as possible for a bit more fun.

It’s got an Arlen Ness bolt-in lowering kit in the rear.

The rest of it is bits and pieces I gathered, picked up, and just added them. The last thing I did just recently was add the braided lines.

I have plans on upgrading the motor soon for a little more power; otherwise, it’s an everyday rider and I want to keep it that way.

words by Garry; photos by Huck Finn

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