Sunkissed Tequila & Skinny Bobber

Two pizza shop Supremes with the works!

ON A beautiful Sunday morning we ended up in the good company of Tony and Wanda Ferris at their business, Fratelli Pizza Shop, with no less than two bikes and four gorgeous bikini models to boot!

Fratelli Pizza (North Buderim, Qld) has earned itself an enviable reputation as the coolest pizza shop on the Sunshine Coast with its old skool charm, surfboards, classic coin machines, and of course, delicious pizzas. Also turns out, it is a top place to shoot bikes and sexy bikini models. And thanks for the free pizzas, guys. We’ll be back!

Nate’s bike, or Tequila as she is affectionately known, was originally a Softail Standard—although she is far from ‘standard’ now. The list of mods is extensive!

“It was one of those ‘right place at the right time’ deals,” said Nate. “The guy I bought it off was hard up for cash so I got a pretty good deal on it.

 “She started out as a 88 cube motor and shit itself pretty early, so now it’s 110 cube with Pan rocker-boxes, custom tank and front and rear fenders.

“The goosesneck has been chopped with a 42-degree-rake and eight-inch-over fork tubes. I used brass two-inch risers and 12-inch Z-bars which were powder-coated black.

“The rear-end is now a 200 to replace the original 140.

“I got rid of the belt and replaced it with a gold chain.”

“It’s got full-on custom paint, custom solo seat, and tones of brass and chrome just because… why not?”

Nate is rapt with the way the bike is and reckons he will leave it as is due to its amazing ridability.

Nate would like to give a massive thanks to Paul from Suncoast Customs for all the mechanical and wiring side of things. “He got the bike running perfectly! Also to Dave Nutton (Slam) for his mad paint skills and to Coxy for the mad custom seat.”

The other bike in the pics (have you noticed the two bikes yet?) belongs to Scotty, one of Nate’s buddies. Scotty came along to check out the shoot so we decided to get him in amongst the action as well.

Scotty has ridden from a very young age—his first bike was a humble CT90—and after a succession of dirt bikes, he graduated to the H-D family.

This trimmed-down bike goes by the name of Skinny. It was originally a 1985 Softail FXSTC which Scotty bought from Noosa to fulfil a long-term dream to build a bobber.

Skinny now sports a custom rear guard that’s hard mounted to the rear swingarm, side-mount number plate, and topped off with a custom solo seat.

A custom Sporty tank supplies the juice to the motor which now breaths in through an S&S carby (note the cool little USA flag etched into the top of the air cleaner) and out through a set of Vance & Hines Long Shots.

Under-slung mirrors, custom risers, drag bars, blinkers, and polished lower fork-legs work well with the overall theme of the bike.

Scotty would like to thank Andrew Taylor from Bel Air Paint Worx in Makay for the killer paint job.

Now unless you’re reading this in Braille, which probably won’t give you the full effect (but could be a lot of fun), you may have noticed four gorgeous ladies adorning Nate’s bike. Bianca, Dotty, Jessica and Sophie were kind enough to come along on the day and add a very aesthetically pleasing element to our photo shoot.

Nate’s friend Hayley operates SunKISSED Girls Australia and also came along to check things out. “The SunKISSED Girls Australia is a professional event management, promotional model and photographic model agency covering South East Queensland,” said Hayley. “The SunKISSED Girls Australia only has the best quality girls and promotes a fun, fit and healthy lifestyle.

So how and why did we end up squeezing two bikes/owners, four stunning young bikini clad goddesses, and about a dozen eager onlookers into a Pizza shop? Because we’re Ozbike and because we bloody well can, alright!

Pics by Jo; words by Chuck U Farley

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