Bikers Reunion Toowoomba

Old farts linger on!

BACK IN the 1960’s I lived in Toowoomba and my sister and I often made it to the local biker haunt. Must admit, I was impressed by those guys wearing their leather jackets and flying boots. I was a mere teenager and wanted to buy a bike when I grew up. There was only one women in town who rode a bike, a Bridgestone 125 which looked more like a postie bike.

Those days the main attraction was the annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. Don’t ask me why but it attracted bikers from across Oz. It was spectacular to see hundreds of motorbikes lining Ruthven Street outside my favourite milk bar.

I recently attended a bikers reunion in Toowoomba and I’d like to thank Luigi and his wife June for the great effort they put into hosting the night. Here is a small story from Luigi about the night.

“Not only did the bullshit flow but you could almost smell the hot oil dripping out of the Triumps, BSAs, Enfields, Nortons and so on.

“It was a top night with lots of old friends, some in their early 70’s — once you have ridden a bike and partied hard, it never leaves you. Sadly, some friends have passed away. It’s only when you start to plan a reunion that their names come up but we feel they will always be with us.

“Pappy travelled 4600 km, all the way from Western Australia, to be there. He got a trophy for the longest distance travelled (good on you Pappy).

“I would like to thank Straight & Narrow Hogs, Toowoomba Honda, Boyd Young, Independent Motorcycle Wreckers, and Kawasaki Toowoomba for their donations. We raised $430 for the Toowoomba Children’s Ward in one hour (a record). I would also like to thank Delacey’s Hotel for putting up with us for the night; they were great!

“Thanks to Ozbike for allowing us a spot in their mag to take our ride down memory lane.”

Words & pics by Jules @ Top Gun; old photos supplied from Luigi’s old memory photo album.

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