1982 Honda Bobber & Nakita

Nathan and I built this bike to promote our business. We wanted to show our customers what you can get for a small budget. We wanted something that a young guy can ride without spending big bucks on a Harley and still be riding a cool bike to be proud of. 

THIS BIKE was a stock 1982 Honda CB 250 in its original days. I had in mind what the bike was going to look like from the day I got it. In saying that, I made a couple of different style handlebars and seat-pans till I found the ones I thought suited best. 

The shifter had been modified a couple of times after riding the bike until I found something that looked good as well as being comfortable while riding.

Even while fabricating the exhaust I changed my mind on how I was going to do it three times and settled on having it run up through the swingarm. 

The swingarm was stretched out 3 1/4 inches. The rest of the frame is modified as well to get the seat height down as far as I could practically and to suit the new fuel tank. 

I ditched the standard, 18-inch, disc-brake front wheel to make way for a 21-inch drum-brake and modified the forks to suit. I stuck with the original drum-brake for the rear. 

I made the oil tank out of stainless steel with inversed ends and bead rolled lines down the centre. The oil tank actually splits apart and is used to house all the electrical components. 

The rear guard has been modified to suit the bike and I made the fender struts so I could keep the guard as close to the tyre as possible while still being able to ride it. 

I ran the wiring for the rear tailight through copper tubing which sits on top of the guard. That gives the guard that old school look and looks great next to the spun gold leaf. 

We did the contrast-cut on the engine ourselves and all the polishing on the drums and side covers. 

After dropping the seat height down so much I decided to fabricate the forward controls so I could still ride the bike comfortably. I decided to go with brass reverse leavers to give it a different look which also allowed me to run the cables internally through the handlebars and suicide shifter to keep it looking clean. 

Nathan did the paint using mint green candy over a silver and grey lace base. The gold leaf is 22 carat; the rest of the bike is a contrast of gloss, Saturn and flat black. 

The whole build was done in our workshop, from the planning to the fabrication and paint. We have already picked up one trophy at a show with this bike and I’m sure we will get plenty more in the near future. 

We would like to thank Mark The Leather Man (0432-626-133) for the seat covering and engraving of our logo. 

The only thing we don’t do in our new shop is mechanical repair work. We cater for all builds of any bikes from mild to wild. We do all types of custom paint work and fabrication in-shop and insurance jobs as well. If you are on the Gold Coast make sure you drop in and have a look at what we can do to your bike to convert it into a stand out custom!

Livin Loco Garage. For fabrication work phone Luke on 0403-517-805; and for paint work phone Nathan on 0415-622-365. 


IT ALL STARTED at the age of 18 when I became a promotional model for a few of the Gold Coast night clubs then progressed to doing bikini competitions every weekend.

My very first photo shoot was at the age of 19. My sister began studying photography so on the weekends we would both practice our dream occupations — her with photography and myself with modelling.

Eventually I did a makeup course and taught myself all eras of hair! 

As I was unsure of which direction I wanted to go with my modelling I thought I’d try all types! I’m now 27 and have done modelling for a number of clothing companies and magazines! Every aspect of my modelling was self-taught. I design most of my shoots and partner up to design other models shoots as well as do their hair and makeup! 

I’m confident, professional and excited to see what challenges get thrown my way in the future.

Photos by Rod Cole; story by Luke

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