Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Pro Night Train

“…here I have the ultimate combination of power and looks,” said Steve Phelan.

FROM THE first time I rode a motorcycle I was hooked! Unfortunately, my parents did not share the same passion or love I found… this meant I had to wait until I got into the workforce to buy one. So with my very first pay, the first thing I did was buy a motorbike, a two stroke IT490. Absolutely loved that bike not because it was a great bike but because it got me on two wheels. 

From there I moved on to much newer trail bikes, closely followed by many super sports road bikes, R6, GSX-R750, etc. In my 14 years of riding I have owned more than 20 bikes, never really loving any of them until I rode my first Harley-Davidson. I knew from that moment on I would never be able to not have a Harley in my life. 

I have only gone through four Harleys, one of them a V-Rod. I love the idea of the power, unfortunately going from a Softail to a V-Rod, the V-Rod did not last very long. I knew I wanted that V-Rod power in a Softail, so I needed a Screamin’ Eagle Pro 120R high performance motor, and my favourite Softail has always been the 2000’s Night Trains—here I have the ultimate combination of power and looks. 

The bike is a 2004 Night Train that has absolutely nothing original apart from the frame. Everything on the bike is 2015 or newer. This winter I completely stripped the bike down for a deep clean and a new coat of paint. It took me awhile to find the exact colour I wanted, ended up going with DNA Spilt Blood. I think the black and chrome contrast throughout the bike pares in very well with the deep red that the DNA candy base provides.

The bike is running a Screaming Eagle 120R, with upgraded S&S lifters and cam bearings which is running through a Baker DD5 gearbox, Scorpion lock-up clutch and basket. 

All the custom work has been carried out by Bear at Bestway Customs who consistently turns out incredible looking Harleys. This includes the big front-end that consists of a five-degree rake with two-inch extended forks, Burleigh Bars and risers, rolling on stunning PM billet wheels, with a Heartland rear-end to finish it off.

Elly the Elf

THIS WAS my first time ever, that I have modelled for a magazine.

When Steve asked me to be the model on his Harley, I was chuffed though a bit apprehensive — but I eventually agreed. I have known Steve and his family for a while now through my gym.

I love motorbikes, even though I haven’t owned or ridden one, I’ve been a pillion on a few and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I wouldn’t be game enough to ride Steve’s bike as the handlebars are too high!

I’m very passionate about health and fitness which is why I started my own gym, yoga and nutrition business. I also love competitive bodybuilding — which meant for this shoot I had to ‘lean down’.

I must admit I do like to party, dress up in costumes and socialising with family and friends.

I really enjoyed this experience and the photo shoot was nothing like I expected. It was fun and relaxing.

If you are interested in being fit and healthy and live in the Canberra district, contact me on email: info@ellyfitnessm5.com web: www.ellyfitnessm5.com

Photos by Julius Goboly, Tower Photographics: 0407-486-759.

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