Blown Cobwebs Harley Custom

I had been working hard to pay the bills to make things nice for the family. Finally I decided it was time to play—time to get myself another bike…

I WANTED a nice everyday ride with custom paint and a few little extras. I like a bike with some grunt so the blower was just the touch to crank her along. P&L Cycles fitted it and it runs a treat.

The custom stainless pipes were hand-made to clear the blower.

It took me a long time to work out what wheels I could use and these ones look really great to me.

I used a nice set of chrome forward controls; nothing too fancy as I did not want to fall into the big budget trap which can easily happen when you start shopping for custom parts.

I wanted a subtle rake, not too radical, so the front-end would stand out just a little.

Custom mirrors, grips and a billet headlight compliment this classy mild custom. The front and rear guards have been also hand modified.

The paint-work was done to blend into the whole style of the bike. Bad Image really did a great job.

My friend Martin (Lapo) ordered my parts for me and helped with decisions, thanks mate!

Ky made the stainless pipes, tended to the front and rear fender mods, and raked the frame. In my books his work is second-to-none.

My son really loves this bike and helped me in his own little ways when I put it together. He is really proud of what we have done together.

I think I will be hanging on to this one for some time now because I really missed riding while I was busy working. I really think it is important to get out and clear the mind and relax—and there is no better way than doing that than on your bike.

Pics by Tony; words by Rob

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