Police Harassment in Western Australia

POLICE HARASSMENT is alive and well in the wild west of WA. Even being a motorcycle rider for the last 20 years, I have never seen anything like I have seen in WA since I moved here last year. Twice recently I have been out with mates and been subjected to random breath and drug tests; some unlucky blokes were subjected to much worse—full searches, body and vehicles.

In WA a law was passed to stop bikie gangs from fortifying their premises. The WA courts have ordered such premises to knock down their walls and remove their video surveillance cameras.

Does the police service here know the difference between bikies and bikers? Because I have a passion for motorcycles I am treated the same as an outlaw bikie. I am a law abiding citizen and surely have some rights. Just because I can afford a higher quality bike doesn’t mean I deserve to be victimised every time I go for a ride?

They are too busy wasting their time chasing people like myself than catching robbers, rapists and other real criminals.

Random, my arse—they block off main roads and pick on every single bike rider, and everybody driving a car that looks like a bikie! Tell me that’s random! Look at these photos and tell me are they aren’t going overboard?


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