Highway Bound

Biker Poem by Michael Trevor

Motorcycling is addictive,

You crave the adrenalin rush,

As each time you straddle the saddle

It can be with death you brush.

But the thought is immediately discounted

Because we’re all fatalists you know…

And as you kick the kick-starter

You say “It’s off we go!”

The exhaust notes sound so pleasant,

And the engine is running smooth –

Ten miles out onto the highway

You start to get into the groove.

Appreciating the S bend,

The flip-flop goes like a dream…

Powering down the straight away

Around the corners you scream.

Putting all your faith in the rubber,

Knowing the tyre pressure is right

As you line up for the next corner,

You’re riding on the edge of fright.

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