Pep Re-Enters the Modelling Arena

JULIUS and I have had the pleasure of collaborating for shoot since I was a fresh-faced 19-year-old doing modelling competitions in the local nightclubs —in fact, it was after making it through to finals for one of those competitions that the whole opportunity/idea to have some portfolio photos done came up, and so Julius and I met. Note: that was well over 10 years ago now.

We’ve kept loosely in contact via social media over the years and I made my transition from modelling competitions, dance/performance groups, bikini bodybuilding to finally motherhood throughout that time—but ever since day one Julius has kept me in mind for one of his famous ‘bike shoots’. To my surprise and ‘years’ after the initial mention, Julius finally reached out last year, approaching me to see if I’d be interested in re-entering the modelling arena. Of course, I said yes even though it had been a while since I’d showed my body off this way (particularly post-baby), but I was ready and the timing couldn’t be better.

And so began, just over a decade later, our story back to collaboration. 

A bit more about me:

  • Age: 35.
  • Status: Single mum of 1.
  • Ethnicity/heritage: Thai born; Australian raised.
  • Star sign: Scorpio.
  • What am I into? Dance, weights/gym, music, animals, and a lot of things ‘taboo’.
  • Feminine type: Tom-boy with savage/ratchet chick attitude.
  • Modelling/performing history: Night club model searches (19—20 years of age), dance/performance all girls groups (21—24 years of age), bikini bodybuilding/fitness modelling (25—28 years of age), motherhood (30 years of age).

When Julius hit me up this year, I had the privilege of choice. Julius presented two bikes to me as options but, me being me, of course I was gonna pick the Fat Boy!

Coincidentally, roughly around the same time, the bodybuilding federation that I had competed for when I first stepped on scene also called me out of retirement, so when I mentioned that timing couldn’t be better, it was because I was already in the mode of getting my body back into that ‘fit and curvy’ shape I personally love. 

I consider myself to have a certain ‘look’ and this bike was as curvy as physique, and as grungy sleek as my ‘look’ tends to be. Dark feminine/cat woman vibes all day.

As usual, as if nothing had changed, I dragged the entirety of my ‘fun wardrobe’ (not for day or casual wear) to his studio and we, along with the watchful eye of the bike owner, slinked our way around the bike like classy cling-wear to get the perfect shots.

I felt like my behind was in constant competition with the bountiful wheels of this insanely hot bike but who can compete? So I did my best to be the bike’s best accessory instead.

At 155 cm (5 foot 1), she felt like a beast next to me, dark and sturdy with a presence of her own. This was only the second time I’d shot with a motorbike but it outdid my first experience because this curvy weapon supported my curves like a custom fit cloud.

The shoot flew and before I knew it, I had to say bye to the crew and the motorbike. I cannot wait to see the photos because to this day—I still haven’t! So what is a surprise for the audience/viewers will also be a surprise to me!

I thank Jason and Julius for the chance to collaborate and only hope for the chance to do more of these types of shoots in future—proving age is just a number.

Make sure you check out the full feature on the Harley-Davidson Murdered Out Fat Boy.

Photos by Julius at Tower Photographics.

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