Clare & the Tribal Drum Custom Motorbike

"While I’ve worked with most of the animals at the zoo, I’m now exclusively an elephant keeper," said Clare.

WHAT do you reckon Claire does for a living? Taxi driver… checkout chick… hostage negotiator for a large Middle-Eastern oil company? Nope—Claire makes her living as an elephant keeper! Oh, and of course, she does a bit of modelling as well. “I grew up on a farm in the Central West wheat belt,” Claire told us. “At a place called Wyalkatchem—strange name, beaut place as the locals say. Naturally, I like all animals, so I studied to become a zoologist. While I’ve worked with most of the animals at the zoo, I’m now exclusively an elephant keeper. Elephants are so intelligent, and as their keeper, you form a real bond with them. I look after three—one male and two female—and I’ve got to tell you, the females are easier to deal with; they’re more gentle and considerate than males.” (Ain’t that the truth—Ed).

Ozbike is all about the search for knowledge, and elephant keeper Claire tossed up this bitty morsel of elephant lore: “Once they get to know and like you, they come up close and urinate near you.”

Fair dink?

“Yes, that’s the greatest compliment and display of affection an elephant will show to someone they like.”

Interesting. Well, apart from drowning you with love and affection, doesn’t it get dangerous, like if a clumsy one steps on you?

“They’re pretty careful and considerate. If one accidentally steps on your foot, they’re lifting their foot really quickly, and they get so embarrassed and concerned that they might’ve hurt you. They seem to get a bigger fright than you do.”

We’ll be the judge of that, thanks, Claire.

Make sure you check out the Tribal Drum Custom Motorbike that Clare is modelling on.

pics by Brian White; words by Kelly Ashton

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