The Toe Cutter Gang Dead Or Alive Tour

...we were surprised by the Mad Max Silverton Car Collective to drop in for a few in full costume.

SOUTH of Heaven Australia SMC crew were very excited to get this run underway. There was a lot of planning and all went well.

Day 1: We set off from our meeting point in Melbourne to Wentworth in NSW. We met up with some riders along the way and also with the Kawasaki Social Club which joined us for the ride for a couple of hours as we were cruising through the countryside on a pretty awesome day.

We stopped in Mildura so the local chapter could all ride into Wentworth with us.

We stayed at the Captain Sturt Hotel where the food and hospitality were great for the first night’s stop. We partied with the band Code 5 and all the locals until late and everybody had a great time with the raffles and prizes to win.

Day 2: We all had a bit of a sleep-in and started to get ready for the ride into Broken Hill.

We were all lucky enough to get some pictures and a tour of a secret location of some of the original cars that were used in the film Mad Max and hear the stories from one of the actual stuntmen from the movie who wrecked them!

It was an excellent ride along the open road but we were still looking forward to getting to the Desert Sands Hotel to get set up for another big night’s entertainment!

Again we had Code 5 playing at night and a guitar and singer during the day, heaps more raffles, fun and laughs, with amazing food and hospitality.

That night we were surprised by the Mad Max Silverton Car Collective to drop in for a few in full costume. I think that just about everyone in the town stopped in at one stage. We all partied till late again and met heaps of really good and interesting people. What an amazing night.

Day 3: We started heading out on our last day’s ride to Silverton just as the Silverton Car Collective joined us for the ride in.

It was hot but riding through the desert having nothing in sight but sand, some camels and a pack of emus every now and then, was great.

We stopped for fuel and waited on a couple of people in the middle of nowhere?

We also stopped at the Pinacales and got some great pictures and great shots of us at the top of the Mundi Mundi Lookout. It felt like we were on top of the world.

As we were coming into Silverton the road had dips in it, to get rid of flood water I suppose, but I think everyone’s bums came off the seat a few times.

The rest of the arvo and night we spent at the Silverton Hotel for another great meal and more hospitality.

All in all, it was a great three day’s ride. There’s nothing like the open road and the lump of my Harley. I think we all need the open road every now and then. The last three days on the road have been awesome; the only way to be free and just love the ride with your brothers for a good time! Can’t wait until the next trip up that way.

Respect and Loyalty Always from FELIX: SOUTH OF HEAVEN AUSTRALIA SMC.

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