Sophie and the Blue Harley-Davidson WLA

HI. I’m a very creative person who loves all things art. I’m a photographer, artist, and amateur musician. I am a very positive, bubbly, and driven person and I love promoting being comfortable in your own skin. 

I’ve been modelling since I was 16. I love it because I feel confident in myself and I love wearing different outfits as I love fashion. I am usually dressed pretty tomboy-ish so to wear such pretty things today feels special to me.

I’m particularly excited about this shoot as I love cars and motorbikes, especially Harleys. It’s also my favourite colour so this shoot is perfect for me. 

I hope to be successful in my creative pursuits and one day live off all the abilities I have. 

Make sure you check out the full feature on the Sky Blue Harley-Davidson WLA.

photos by Julius Goboly.

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