Belinda Rose on Choppazilla

I’M LIVING in Brunswick Heads which is just up from Byron Bay. It’s a great place to live with lots of tourists, hippies and beach parties. I think I’m a hippy at heart.

I’m hoping to go to Thailand at the end of the year. My dad has lived over there for 20 years and I just love the people; I love it up in the mountains; it’s just a really beautiful place.

I’ve been singing for about five years now. I have sung in a couple of bands. I got a drum kit recently and I’m learning some drum skills. I like to play rock music with a lot of acoustics—good Aussie rock.

I have a miniature pug. He’s a little stubby dog with a curly pink tail and black hair and his name is Splat Head.

I have been doing fire dancing for quite a few years now. I dance with big fire staffs, one in each hand, twirling fire at high speed. You can have either fire staffs, ropes or chains with fire balls on the end. I fire eat and I fire breath. It’s very tribal. It’s a new revolution; it’s going to sweep the nation. I even have my own fire dancing business; the website is

S&S drag motorcycle

Belinda Rose was photographed on Andrew’s Chopperzilla Drag Bike.

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