Prison Harley-Davidson Dream Machine & Gia Girl

In prison, with plenty of time on his hands, Billy was designing his dream machine.

LIFE DID deal an ace from the bottom of the deck. I got 15 years in Victorian prisons, starting in Pentridge, the hell hole. Working my way through the system into my time, I began to get an idea of building a bike. I started looking at the torn and tattered old bike mags that were passed from cell to cell.

With plenty of time on my hands, I found myself writing to different bike shops.

Getting more ideas on what I wanted, I was even making folders and putting in cut-outs from different mags that I would come by. Sometimes, someone would send me some Ozbike magazines and they often had good ideas in them.

You can imagine how much I had gathered over the years, enough to mess with my head as to what I wanted. There were was so many nice bikes out there, it became difficult to know just what to choose. It wasn’t until I got home that I saw this Softail in the window of Fraser’s Motorcycles on Parramatta Road, Sydney. “That’s my bike,” I said. Just three weeks later and I was riding it.

Two years later I was having lunch at a hotel when I looked out the window and saw this black Softail with this massive back wheel that looked awesome. I began to look for the owner, who I never found. So I went outside and took photos from my mobile phone. Went home and started coming up with my own ideas for my bike. Three years later and you are looking at my ideas.

A big thanks to all the boys at MMVR Customs who were able to transfer my ideas from paper to reality. After many man-hours of modifying and customising I could finally see my dream coming to life. MMVR then finished it off with a one-of-a-kind paint job and awesome airbrushing.

Coming home after 15 years from a cold, damp hole, steel and concrete beds with a 2-inch foam mattress and barely enough food to feed a kid let alone a man, trying to get my head together and around little things we all take for granted, I found much had changed. I had never seen a mobile phone let alone used one.

A big thank you to my best friend Brett who I met in prison, and his mate Wishy who inspired me with the wild posters he would send in, which I still have today. Also thanks to all the other people who helped put this bike together. A special thank-you to Matt for putting up with me every time something went wrong. It took all these people and many more and a lot of money to make this dream come true.

To all you guys back there in that overcrowded, noise polluted, tinea-infested place you call home—ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Harley-Davidson Softail Standard

Gia Girl

GIA IS 21-years-old and this is her first modelling assignment. Not bad for a rookie, eh? She is a hairdresser and makeup artist but wouldn’t mind to do more modelling in the future. Born and raised in Blacktown she makes us Westies proud of her.

“I saw Billy’s bike for the first time on the shooting day and I just couldn’t believe how hot it was,” she said. “I have always wanted to do some photoshoot on a bike and finally the dream has come true.

“It was fun day, especially since I’m not a girlie girlie, but the bike just brought the best out of me. 

“In the future I would like to travel around the world and have more fun in front of camera.”

Photos by George

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