The Voodoo Lounge Tattoo Ball

The Tattoo Ball held in Western Australia was one hell of a skin art show with plenty of eye-opening things that could lead a person like myself astray.

IT’S COOL to be tattooed in WA. Big bright tattoos are seen everywhere, especially on young girls and guys, and are accepted as part of everyday fashion. The Annual Tattoo Ball held at the Voodoo Lounge in Northbridge was a real eye opener. Tattooists from the Tatt Shop, Reilly’s, Artful Ink, Abandoned Art, Lord of the Skins, and Artistic Skin Art were there showing off their talents, tattooing one customer after another, but always willing to stop, chat and show their latest creations—bloody awesome.

I also had a chat with Aussie Lucky Diamond Rich, the Guinness World Record holder for the world’s most tattooed person. A record that can never be beaten as he’s 100 percent covered. Rich says “between his toes was the most painful!” He’s a tattoo artist himself so a lot of his tatts were done by the one and only, including his own genitals. With his big shiny teeth and heavily tattooed body, he’s a very interesting man. A tattooist and an artist, working here in WA, whilst having a break from the USA tattoo circuit at Reilly’s tattoo shop in Northbridge. Check out his website to see some art and tatts he has plastered around the world.

Walking around, a couple of body piercers from Off Your Tree and Scorpion were very busy piercing anything from tongues to belly buttons to nipples.

One lady, Thorn, a pony girl, wasn’t afraid to walk around in her black leather outfit and show off her tits and arse. Geez, I soon found out how game she was when she showed off her clit piercings on stage — fuck! 7 kg worth of weights and she says she gets off on it, and off on bondage and sodomy. Don’t think I’ll take her home to meet my grandmother; lovely lady though.

Up on stage was a great spectacle. Many forms of tattoos were on show ranging from the smallest to full bodied tatts. Great stuff to see; some very interesting and unusual pieces of art. Ryan the Lion looked like he was loving his job up there with the microphone. Who could blame him as many contestants were young lovely ladies with tatts in some weird and wonderful places.

Then came an event that blew us away — Red Light District doing their very first suspension show. Janey and Dominic looked like they were pros at it, inserting stainless steel fishing hooks into themselves, under their skin, and pulling against each other, hanging from the roof, falling towards the crowd, and the one that got me, Dominic inserting hooks into both knees and hanging himself upside down. Oh, I’m never going fishing with that pair.

All in all, the Voodoo Lounge was a great venue to hold such an event and I’m already looking forward to next year’s Tattoo Ball. Many thanks to Eddie, the Entertainment Manager; Angie the spunk; Shazza and Ryan the Lion.

Pics by Richie & Gazza; words by Gazza

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