Snow White Chopper & AJ from UK

Winger is a well-known bike builder in Sydney. He’s been building some of the best choppers for a few years.

I BUILT THIS custom bike for Barry, a friend of mine. He saw my blue bike and copied the tank off it. He was actually going to buy my blue bike to start with, but he bought a frame through someone else. I supplied the parts and Ky fabricated the fuel tank, boxed in the swingarm, modified the rear guard, trenched in the number plate and tail-light, and made the handlebars.

For the front-end, it was a matter of de-chroming and re-chroming. It’s a bit more expensive but gives a much nicer look.

The seat was done by Dave at Bad Arse Trim Co.

It’s another one of Joe Webb’s paint jobs.

It has Legionnaire airbag suspension.

P&L Cycles built the 124 diamond-cut engine.

It has a right-side-drive Baker six-speed transmission.

The contrast cut wheels are from Performance Machine.

The bike took 12 months to build and it’s for sale now. It’s only been ridden three times. It’s a nice bike but Barry’s just not into it; he’s into his Night Rod.

AJ from the UK

I AM from Manchester in the UK but I’m currently living and loving Sydney.

I got into modelling at the age of 18 when I entered a competition in the UK run by Nuts magazine and won a centrefold spread. Since then I have appeared in numerous magazines both in the UK and in Oz including People, Picture, Nuts, Zoo, and FHM UK.

chopper motorbike

At the moment I’m working hard to save and travel. I have already been to most of Europe, America, Fiji, as well as numerous places in Oz. Next stop Asia and New Zealand. I love travelling and I would love to become a travel writer. I would also love to plan a massive trip on a bike and document it.

I love bikes! I have been brought up around them. My dad is a bike instructor and he used to take me to bike rallies with him from a very young age. I leant to ride when I turned 17 officially, but unofficially, I could ride much earlier than this courtesy of my dad.

chopper motorbike

My top bikes are the Kawasaki Ninja (as my dad has one) and the BMW R1150GS Adventure as they used it in one of my favourite TV shows, The Long Way Round, which is about my two favourite things, travel and bikes. Oh, and of course, the Harley as it’s such a sexy bike!

I enjoy lots of different things. Apart from travelling, modelling and bikes, I love going to the gym, rock climbing, swimming, and anything that gets the adrenaline pumping such as bungy jumps, sky dives, and white water rafting, all of which I have experienced here in Oz.

The motto I remember most from a bike rally T-shirt is Live Fast, Die Young And Leave A Good Looking Corpse. 

chopper motorbike

Photos by Wall 2 Wall.

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