Emily Jane

HI. I’m A 6-foot one-inch Glamazon born and bred in Newcastle. My favourite things to do are travel the globe, perform and tend to my garden. While backpacking South America I fell in love with being on the back of a bike. It started in Colombia with a friend I met on a cruise. He was Colombian and owned a Harley-Davidson. We spent a few weeks together and he would take me for rides along the beautiful countryside of Medellin. 

This love became stronger when I landed in Peru. A mate I was working with in a hostel wanted to check out the Sacred Valley so we hired a Yamaha and cruised around the Peruvian sites for a few days. It’s such an incredible feeling and definitely boosts the adrenaline.

My garden is more of an easy-going place for relaxation and tranquillity. I mainly care for succulents and cactus and my collection grows more and more each year. 

I have been a showgirl for seven years and love to be the centre of attention. It’s such a great feeling to liven up a party and help people to have a good time. 

I have been modelling for a few years now. Usually posing for lingerie and bikini shoots. I have become much more confident and love learning new poses and techniques every time I shoot. I have been published a few times but this is the first time in Ozbike. I’m very excited to be a part of this great magazine and so grateful to have posed on such a sexy bike.

Words: JT @CrotchRocketMotorcycles; photos: @iShootPix

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