Jenna and the Rigid Thunderbird

WHEN Julius called me to do this photoshoot on this unrestored Triumph for Ozbike magazine, I didn’t hesitate as I’ve enjoyed the other photoshoots we’ve done. This will also be my first digital feature for the magazine; the other two were in hard copy features.

A bit about me: I have always had an interest in motorbikes and I enjoy getting out on my bike and cruising with friends. There’s nothing like the adrenalin and being out in the open space. Watch out for me and my mum —  we are a formidable pair on the road.

I am currently based in Canberra although moving to a more regional area in the future. I am currently completing an electrical apprenticeship after deciding on a career change from being a horticulturist. I am thoroughly enjoying the change.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

words by Jenna; photos by Julius Goboly, Tower Photographics: 0407-486-759.

Make sure you check out the full feature on this rigid Triumph motorbike at Old Motorbikes Rule!

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