Shelly & the Celtic Axe Harley Softail

SHELLY WAS born and bred in New Zealand, but after posing nude in Brass Calendar (NZ), she decided to spread her wings and try Australia for more modelling work. She quickly landed photo shoots in both Picture and People magazines, before picking up the cover of Ozbike magazine.

How does Shelly feel about standing naked in front of a camera? 

“It feels good; I love it! I get to show off what I’ve got. If you’ve got it, flaunt it—you’re only young once.”

Shelly loves motorbikes and has many friends with them. 

“I’ve ridden around on the back of lots of motorbikes. They’re pretty cool. Wish you didn’t have to wear a helmet thought—gives me helmet hair!”

pics by Walter Wall

The Celtic Axe Softail is a sensational motorbike. Make sure you check out the full feature.

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