Murder Ink Twin Turbos V-Rod & Ashleigh

Tavener Motor Sports have done some crazy, challenging builds before, but really — twin turbos! This was going to be a tall order.

TAVERNER Motorsports have been building some top-shelf V-Rods for quite a few years now and decided that with this build we wanted to push the industry a bit further and do something radical — we teamed up with Murder Ink Tattoo to create a promo bike that would turn heads. 

We figured why not build a monster of a bike to showcase Murder Ink as well as the kind of custom builds we do here. Taverner Motorsports have done some crazy, challenging builds before, but really — twin turbos! This was going to be a tall order.

We purchased a stock V-Rod Muscle and two large Garrett turbos to get us started. Now anyone can purchase a turbo kit and bolt it on but with these ones we had to fabricate the whole thing which was a first for us. We looked to our  head mechanic, Joe Taverner, who took this on and is responsible for executing it perfectly.

Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Initially, the plan was to have only the one turbo kit, but you know how things go! Why have one turbo when two would be twice as nice.

The dual plenum chamber was fabricated; the exhaust header pipes, the breather system, the oil feeds and drains, and the radiator feed were modified. We also managed to squeeze the Legend Air Ride compressor under the air-box.

Then on to the Kool Kustom Paint. The custom air-box with centre mount speedo, custom front and rear guards, were painted in two-tone white with a splash of tribal down the centre just to break it up a little bit. The front forks, triple trees, headlight, custom risers and drag-bars, and switch blocks, were all painted in Alpine white. 

Then we had the front and back wheels painted two-tone black and white with the rear pulley painted two-tone to match the rims. The brake calipers have also been painted Alpine White.

The Garrett turbos were pulled to pieces and painstakingly hand-polished and the components painted white.

All oil drains and cables on this bike have been done in custom, gloss-black braided lines.

All the pipes for the turbos, exhausts were all custom fabricated in-house and finished in gold heat-wrap.

As you can see in the photos, the colour combo looks incredible.

DGD Custom then hooked us up with a 26-inch front wheel that we wrapped with a RWD front fender from Sinistar Customs. To maintain the correct rake and trail we fitted a set of eight-degree raked triple trees.

To complete the clean look of the front-end, we fitted a 4.5-inch billet headlight on a custom-made mount. 

The 1.25-inch drag bars were then internally wired to keep the bike looking clean and tidy. 

The brake lines were all changed over to black Magnum braided lines which again compliments the stealth fittings and lines on the turbos. 

The look was completed with RSD grips and pegs and a set of under-slung Sickle Slim mirrors and indicators fitted. 

A Veervbbor Monster 260 tyre fills the rear guard up nicely. 

Lee Brothers finished the styling with a black and white diamond stitched seat.

This build was a first of the kind for us and we are honestly ecstatic with how it turned out.

Model: Ashleigh; photos by Rick Benson; words by Murder Ink, Bowen Hills, Brisbane; 0432-666-900.

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