Rockers Rumble Show & Shine

I RECENTLY visited Rockers Choppers Rumble Show & Shine for bikes and hotrods. It was an awesome show—bikes and rods were coming and going all afternoon; people and vehicles turned out in great numbers.

Rockabilly band, Rockets to Memphis, pumped out great tunes and created a cool old skool ambience.

It was great to walk around and enjoy the turnout of some of Perth’s finest bikes. Flat black was of course the most popular colour in the bikes. So many bikes were hand-crafted with great imaginations and skills involved. The more you looked around the more you found impressive.

One fella, 62 years young, won Best British after riding in on his immaculate BSA Lightening Clubman. He says he owns three of them and still rides them all. Great work mate.

Marc at Rockers Choppers builds some awesome old skool choppers, retros and hardtails. He specialises in British and American bikes. He says early Harleys, Triumphs and BSAs make the best old school bikes. He should know—when he moved over from the UK with his vast knowledge and passion for bikes, he opened Rockers Choppers.

words by Gazza

Footnote: Rockers Choppers has now closed down.

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