The Mistress Harley-Davidson Evo

Old Skool Kool!

HERE we have a bike harking back to the 1970’s. In fact, it started life as a 1973 FLH Harley-Davidson, but time waits for no… bike… and some modern upgrades were called upon to bring her into the new millennium. Not wanting to lose the vibe of early chopper art, Mark carefully chose items that would enhance the performance and reliability of The Mistress.

Why such a name, you ask? 

“It’s due mainly to the amount of money I’ve spent and the pain she’s caused me,” Mark explained.

When pressed for some specifics, Mark revealed a scar on his leg as a result of an operation. 

“She severed the quad off my right knee trying to kick her over!” 

Not a very nice Mistress then, although he did get a five-month break from work as a result… what some people will do for a bit of time off.

First on the mod list was a heart transplant. Wedged into the raked frame is a rebuilt 1990 Evo for some smoothness and reliable running, but you might notice the custom rocker covers helping to hide its real identity and keeping with the nostalgic theme. 

Backing up the Evo is a ratchet-top four-speed gearbox fitted with the knee shattering device used to kick start The Mistress, although Mark in his wisdom and out of necessity, had an electric leg adapted to make life easier. 

Cog swapping is via a hand-shifter with custom brass skull. 

Clutch is foot operated via a set of chrome forward controls with brass accents. 

A three-inch open primary links up with a good-old-fashioned chain drive running back to the polished solid Fat Boy rim. 

The tidy primary belt cover was custom made, along with the chain guard and riser covers. Speaking of which, the risers clamp a set of uncluttered 10-inch Burleigh Bars whose job it is to keep the over-length forks pointing in the right direction. 

A LePera solo seat keeps Mark’s bum in place while cruisin’ down the road with no gauge cluster to interrupt his view as the digital speedo is just left of the tank. 

After all, who needs to see the speedo when you can check out the petrol tank with its gorgeous gloss-black base-coat overlaid with blue tipped flames? The flames sweep back across the front and rear guards too, breaking up the black, chrome and brass pallet.

The minimalist design approach is evident all over this bike — you’ll notice there is no ‘fluff’, just the essentials. Looking Old Skool but wearing some modern touches like disc brakes, upgraded electricals and the Evo power-plant gives this ride the best of both worlds.

Mark would like to thank Jeremy and Billy from Sin Cycles at Morisset; Trevor Long, also from Morisset; Choco from Barnsley; Bagger Brothers; Alison Art for the paint; and Daisy Peach from @peachpolestudio for doing her thing even though it was flogging down rain and a bit cool!

Harley-Davidson Evo

Words : JT of Crotch Rocket Motorcycles; photos : iShootPix

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