Samantha Doll

SAMANTHA DOLL is a rockin’ Aussie gal with a passion for hot rods, hot bikes, hot music, and cool clothing, who also happens to love primping and posing for the camera! Her love of ‘50s and rockabilly styles, along with her killer hourglass figure and classic retro look has seen her labeled ‘the modern Bettie Page, but Samantha Doll looks set to carve out her own unique niche and make her own name for herself.

Samantha’s absolute favourite types of photo shoots are those that involve cars or bikes. She adores old school choppers and bobbers, especially those with pin-striping or retro themed detailing—in fact she desperately wanted to take this bobber home with her from the shoot! 

She says her car of choice is the ’66 Mustang but she hasn’t yet been able to decide what sort of bike she prefers—according to her there are just too many cool bikes to choose from.

Check out the full feature on the Lucky 7 Back to Basics Bobber from Doc Hog.

words & pics Brian Borg

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