Lucky 7 Back to Basics Bobber

LUCKY 7 is a fine example of the quality work produced by Dave and his team at Doc Hogs in Melbourne. This sweet bobber started out as a standard kit bike sold through Doc Hogs but with the added attention to detail that has become a signature of their builds.

“I wanted to put together a bike that shows what could be achieved with the standard bobber kit,” says Dave. “The standard kit includes the frame, oil tank, petrol tank, wheels, and springer front-end with risers and handlebars, so this is where we started with Lucky 7.

“I came up with the lucky 7 gambler theme to fit Melbourne’s life style. We all love to have a bit of a gamble down here, whether it’s a bet in the footy comp or a flutter on the horses—even the guy who won the World Poker Competition is from Melbourne—so I hope someone will find this bike lucky for them.

“When I travel around the country to various shows and events, I’m always complemented on the little extras we do in our detail which creates an overall reputation of quality. Once you build bikes in this way you can’t go back; this bike is no exception. It’s the little things I like to do which adds to the quality, like the cover we fabricated to fit under the seat to cover the battery, or putting some thought into running lines and wiring so you don’t end up with shit hanging off everywhere detracting from the overall presentation.

“Before the frame could be painted, we had to mould it so that when it was painted there are no exposed welds, giving the frame a clean finished look.

“Keeping to the tradition of a bobber—less is best—adding the engraved covers, grips, air cleaner, and the dice rear tailight was all the theme add-ons I wanted to use. The billet controls, HHI calipers and the simple rear fender strut all add to the clean look of this bike.

“The engine and gear box are pretty standard, 1340 Evo with five-speed box. I’ve added some little extras—the cam, the carby, the air filter and the Samson exhaust—just to let it breathe a little better. Being a bobber, though, the power-to-weight on this bike is phenomenal and it handles quite nicely.

“As for the finishing touches thanks to Con for the seat and to Mat Egan from Epping for the paint. Avon Speedmasters were the tyre of choice.

“All up, I’m pretty happy with the look of this bike. It looks clean, the basic black and chrome add to the bobber style, and I was able to build a cost effective bobber style bike without compromising quality.”

Check out more photos of the Lucky 7 Bobber at the Samantha Doll profile.

words & pics Brian Borg

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