Ashley Renee & The Tough Street 500

I WAS Born in the USA; moved to Australia at one-year-old; grew up in Queensland. I’m humble, kind, an animal lover, and a little bit bogan. I am a published model (multiple magazines and music videos for music artists). I was a private stripper for three years. I loved it and the amazing people I got to meet, the places I got to go, and the amazing opportunities I got from the Adult Entertainment industry made everything worth it. I managed a lot of the girls also.

I plan on tattooing 90 percent of my body; no face though. Getting tattooed is therapeutic for me personally, and my artist Nathan Mathers is an outstanding tattooist and a humble, amazing guy.

My dream job would be to work with animals or become a councillor, for troubled traumatised youth. I love helping people, especially the under-dog or the misunderstood. I have always been misunderstood and the black sheep nearly my whole life.

I protested constantly when the anti-association laws (aka VLAD) first came to Queensland. I think the laws are unjust and just plain wrong.

Check out the full feature on the Tough Street 500.

photos by Rick Benson.

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