Goldfields Motorcycle Dirt Drags

Goldfields is situated just outside of Kalgoolie in Western Australia. It’s long been said to have the fastest track for dirt drags in Australia.

WE ARRIVED Friday lunch, and as it was our first visit, we were given a tour of the track and its facilities. The hospitality shown to us was beyond anything that we expected. After the long drive we were given a feed and cold drinks. Everywhere we went we were met with handshakes and smiles.

The complex has so much to offer. From plenty of parking, toilets, showers in the pits, to plenty of food vans and vendors for all the spectators. Walking around we even found a bike show being put by the IWI Riders, Kalgoolie, a local social club for bike riders. We promised to call back race day and enter one of our bikes. Next was a walk up to the burn-out pad.

There were just cars everywhere getting ready for race day. It was great to see so many people had come from all over Western Australia.

While checking out the drag-strip, Terry from WRECKIT RACING and a few others were offered the chance to have a few runs. The word that night was it was the fastest track they had been on.

Come Saturday morning and pits were packed. The ages of the competitors ranged from four-old-olds up to 60. PeeWee 50s all the way up to V8 bikes and trikes. People had travelled from all over Australia to be here. The girls from POVERTY RACING and MATHEWS RACING doing an 800 km round trip just be be here.

The racing was hard and fast all day, with some of the closest finishes I had ever seen. We even had buggies and cars with huge paddles and V8s ripping the track.

Come lunch and a huge feed was put on for all the great sponsors and volunteers who make this great event possible.

After lunch it was back to racing and time for the finals. With some of the bikes reaching 126 mph it was edge-of-the-seat racing.

Some of the winners on the day were Martin Drapper who did an 4000 km round trip to take out two first place trophies for both his Jap bikes; Natalie Doherty fro WRECKIT RACING taking out the PeeWee class; Natalie Rolls winning the V8s; and TERRY DOHERTY winning Harley-Davidson Street Class.

For the Show ’n’ Shine, Joe took out rough as guts bike and Rocky getting People’s Choice.

After the trophies it was time to draw the winner of the new PeeWee 50 donated by one of the sponsors and to see the young fella win was great.

After packing up it was time to head into Kalgoolie to let our hair down. I have never seen so many bikes have such a ball laughing celebrating into the night.

Sunday was time to head home. After making so many new friends we will be back for every event. It was one of the best weekends we have had and look forward to many more.

Just a special mention to Lance (Boof) Carter from the Sand Drag Association for all his tireless efforts in helping put this great event together.

story submitted by MELODY DOHERTY

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