More Sydney Summers Please

ED — I just clicked on the article Bucko Knuckle and nearly had a heart attack when I laid eyes on Sydney Summers. This girl is drop dead gorgeous but I was disappointed there were only four shots in the photo spread in which she appeared. Somebody that amazing should have more attention paid to her so I thought I’d check the website to see if there any more shots available of her. Sadly no.

I understand Ozbike is more about the bikes but the girls are just as much a part of the lifestyle we love too. Let’s face it—a bike can’t give a blowjob no matter how well engineered it is.

I find it hard to believe that photographer Walter Wall only took a handful of pics of Sydney so I thought maybe having a gallery of the Ozbike girls would be a good addition to the website. Either that or print more pics of the scantily clad babes we love so much.

Ozbike is great otherwise. Keep it up.


LOVE to run more photos of the girls, especially since we pay good money for them, but as soon as we do, you can bet there will be readers writing in saying they want to see more bikes. I’m afraid you just can’t please all the people all the time—Skol.

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