Louisa Kelly and the Blow Me Harley-Davidson Sportster

SKOL: So tell me you, have done other modelling work before?

Louisa. Yes.

Skol: So…

Louisa. Ummm, what do you want to know?

Skol: Well, what sort of work you have done?

Louisa. I usually do, like, artistic nude and stuff like that. I have done high fashion stuff, yeah, but that’s about it.

Skol: Okay, so how did you get onto Walter, our photographer?

Louisa. Through Ozmodel.

Skol: So he contacted you through the internet site Ozmodel, and asked you if you wanted to do some photographs with Ozbike?

Louisa. Yes.

Skol: How did you find working with him?

Louisa. Good. Nice.

Skol: Nice?

Louisa. Yes.

Skol: So are you into motorbikes at all?

Louisa. They are pretty to look at.

Skol: That’s about it, pretty to look at.

Louisa. Laughing…

Skol: Have you ever been on one?

Louisa. No.

Skol: I’m sure there are lots of guys out there who would like to take you for a ride on their bike. 

Louisa. Laughs.

Skol: So if some bloke comes up with a big black Harley and asks you to come for a ride, you would consider it.

Louisa. I suppose.

Skol: Okay (getting a bit impatient). So what’s the future for you?

Louisa. I don’t know really.

Skol: Okay… so you are a Brisbane girl?

Louisa. Yes, although really I am from the Gold Coast.

Skol: You have lived on the Gold Coast all your life?

Louisa. Yes.

Skol: So you must go to the beach a lot?

Louisa. Not really.

Skol: (even more impatiently) Then what do you do?

Louisa. I don’t know. I go out with friends shopping and stuff.

Skol: Shopping! So if I asked you about shoes you would know a lot about them?

Louisa. I suppose.

Skol: Have you ever been horse riding?

Louisa. I used to have a horse.

Skol: Ah, you had a horse. You did horse riding when you were little.

Louisa. I did horse riding up until about two years ago.

Skol: What, dressage, jumping?

Louisa. Yes. I used to do show jumping and stuff like that but I kind of got over it.

Skol: Got over it?

Louisa. Yes.

Skol: What have you moved onto then?

Louisa. I don’t know.

Skol: Some hobby?

Louisa. Umm, not really. I like reading.

Skol: (getting excited) Reading?

Louisa. Yes.

Skol: Alright, yes… Is there nothing more you want the readers to know about yourself?

Louisa. No.

Skol: (really impatient now) There must be something you like doing.

Louisa. Umm, umm, no….

Skol: Well okay!!!

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