Deltek Mini Bike Restro

words by Declan Campbell; photos by Julius Goboly

THIS motorbike is basically a little kid’s bike. It’s a Deltek’s mini bike. I’m not sure the actual year but my dad said it was around 1970. Back in the day, you basically would have been the coolest kid in town if you had this thing. This would have been the toy to have.

We did the powder-coating ourselves. One of dad’s friends, I think his name was Joe, taught me how to powder-coat which was quite a fun thing to do.

It was very fun to build. I got a lot of experience from it. I’m only 11 so this has been quite a big thing for someone my age.

The bike actually belongs to a close family friend, Luke. My dad found it out the back of Luke’s place and we did it up for his birthday; even got to enter it in The Machine Show at the Braidwood Showgrounds.

I enjoy bikes and a lot of cars as well. I’m pretty much into the scene my dad’s into, with those restos and other mechanical stuff.

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