Lauren & the Sublime Harley-Davidson Blackline

“I can't believe my first photoshoot was with such a wicked bike…”

HI. I’m 22 and have been around bikes since my dad introduced me to them as a little girl. I’m originally from Tasmania but I moved to Perth two years ago with my partner who rides a really nice, old-school-styled Harley-Davidson Softail. It never seems to be finished but it’s always fun when we get out for a ride on it.

During the day I make coffees in a cafe which is cool because I get to meet a lot of interesting people plus I’m always on look-out to see the cool rides they pull up on.

Doing the photoshoot was lots of fun and I had a great time working with Brad, and Ross’s new bike is amazing! I can’t believe my first photoshoot was with such a wicked bike and I can’t wait to do another one again soon. Maybe even on ours once it’s finished!

Stay tuned. Make sure you check out The Sublime Harley-Davidson Blackline feature.

Pics by Brad Miskiewicz

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