Comanchero MC Binnaway Party

Skol: Where you’ve been George? George: Binnaway to party. Skol: I know you’ve been away but where to? George: Binnaway to party! Skol: Poor bastard! He just remembers he’s been away to party…

ONE CAN be excused for thinking that the name of town sprang from a term “Been away” but in reality it is the Aboriginal name for a peppermint tree. I would probably die ignorant of the existence of Binnaway if not for the fact that the Comanchero MC has established its North-West Chapter there. If you remember we covered the opening of the clubhouse several years ago, and although it was in the middle of winter and I froze my balls off, it was a memorable night and I was looking forward to its anniversary.

This year the club decided to celebrate in summer, and it was around 45 degrees or even more on the bitumen when I rode up. I decided on the route Lithgow, Mudgee, Gulgan, Coolah, Binnaway, with non-stop riding except for cooling down at the Coolah Driver Reviver post where local volunteers serve free coffee, tea and biscuits. From Coolah to Binnaway is just a stone throw, a mere 45 km.

Arriving to the clubhouse I was told that around 200 bikes would arrive soon to celebrate the anniversary, and indeed, about an hour later, Comanchero MC members from the other chapters arrived. Some went to the local pool to cool down and I couldn’t resist joining them. 

After that the bike show was held in the middle of town at the front of the clubhouse. 

Before the party kicked off, the prizes for the best bikes were given away. 

The band Overdrive took the stage around 8 pm pounding the best cover songs of ’60s, ’70s and ’80s I have heard so far. If your future events are around Mudgee give them call; you won’t be sorry. 

We partied till next morning having plenty of drinks and food. The dinner was served around 9 pm in the form of BBQ lamb, prawns, chicken, and different salads I don’t know their names of but were super yumo. 

As a late dinner (around midnight), we were served roasted goat; I was so full that in the morning I was unable to eat breakfast and fucked off before it was cooked. 

I would like to congratulate Comanchero MC North-West Chapter for staging such a successful event.

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