Amanita Xcellence

HI. I’m 22-years-old and I’ve been modelling for about two years. I was taking photos of myself for a school assignment, self-portraiture, and I figured that I really liked being in front of the camera rather than taking pictures so that’s where it all started.

My greatest modelling project was when I was a leopard. I was chosen because I had the right body, skinny and long, for a leopard, and I was completely body-painted from head to toe in leopard colours and stripes.

I really enjoyed working with Ozbike on this photo shoot. Somebody told me to be careful, that the photographer would make me cry, but he was really nice. He has a great sense of humour; he made me laugh a couple of times at the most unexpected times.

I’m a student. I’m studying creative writing at university? I’m good at writing for myself and writing fiction and things like that but it’s hard to write to an audience. I have tried to write stories for newspapers and such but I end up going off into a fantasy world. I guess that’s not a very good way to make money, is it? I’ll write a book when I am older and had enough experience.

Sorry, I haven’t been on many motorbikes. I think this one is really pretty but I’d be a too scared to ride on it…

photos by Wall to Wall

You can check out the full feature on Bomba’s flash custom custom bike at Purple Xcellence in Queensland.

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