Purple Xcellence in Queensland

It’s hard to be different when every other bike builder is trying to be different—but somehow King Pin Choppers keep coming up with new ideas…

ROB, THIS customer, is a very good friend of mine and he let me do whatever I wanted with the bike. He said all he really wanted was a show stopper, and when he rode it about, everyone would be envious of him. I believe we have achieved that for him.

Purple Xcellence is completely different from our previous custom bikes because it’s got a lot more panel work on it. It took a long time because we had to hand-beat all the panels in-house.

Rob wanted a 250 rear tyre, obviously so he could ride it, but I wanted to give it a wider look so I ran the rear struts right down over the axle—then we made the covers and bolted them to the sides to give it that completely different look.

The wide wheel kit is from World Wide Cycles in Germany. They make beautiful parts, the best made products in the world, and I’m an Australian distributor for them.

We used a Midwest frame and just raked it to 53 degrees. Rob was happy to go with the Venetti wheels and the matching disc and pulley. I talked him into a very nice Spike front-end and a TP engine. I showed him the evil twin air cleaners from CME billet parts which we really think make the bike as well. The exhaust I designed myself.

I design all the bikes but we are a team and we all throw ideas around—but I do have the final say and it works pretty good. We all get on really well and have been together for a far while so we all understand each other and it makes it a good environment to work in.

King Pin Choppers, Shed 49/193 South Pine Road, Brendale, Qld 4500; 07-3889-9991.

words by Bomba; photos by Wall to Wall

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