Aggressive Harley-Davidson Sportster

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of owning a one-off Harley-Davidson. Finally, last year, my dream became a reality.

I ALWAYS wanted a Harley-Davidson Sportster, as to me that was Harley-Davidson’s response to bikes like the Triumph, BSA and Matchless motorcycles. The Softails and Dynas, etc, held no appeal for me. I wanted to create a short, muscular, aggressive bike without losing the traditional black and silver paintwork. Each to his own, but in my dream, my bike was individual but still in the trademark Harley-Davidson colours.

John at Metal Hogz based on the Gold Coast did what Harley-Davidson should be doing. If I could have bought a bike from the factory looking exactly as mine does now, it would have been perfect, except then there would be too many on the road, and as my alter ego is a chef, I am into one-off new creations — and this bike really whets my appetite!

John went to work modifying the bike starting with the 18 x 8.5 inch rear rim to carry the 250 tyre, and of cause, a custom rear fender to house it all.

Along with the chrome billet headlight, Badland digital mirrors and the 1.25 inch T-bars, the Sporty took on a whole new dimension.

The front wheel is 21 inch fitted to a billet Wide Glide front-end.

Then the stretched tear-drop tank got the treatment.

The pipes are West Coast Chopper Hell Raisers and the engine breathes through a Roland Sands Design air-cleaner.

The motor was converted from a carby to fuel injection using a ThunderMax controller.

The seat was shaped by John to look like the original Sporty seat.

I am happy to say not only have I achieved my dream of owning a Harley-Davidson, but the bike is a great success. With my inspiration and John’s engineering ability, we have created a one-off bike that has definitely kept the original look and paintwork. All my criteria has now been met. I am a proud owner of a Sporty that is short, muscular and aggressive. As a mate said to me, “It’s a Sportster but not a Sportster!”

Many thanks to John and the guys at Metal Hogz for their top quality work.

words by Meyjitte; pics by Rod Cole

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