Reliable and Proven Wild Child

“My friends would say I’m the life of the party… a real fire cracker,” said our model Wild Child.

I’D been following MOB Industries (Fashion without barriers) for a while, and when they first launched their clothing line, a friend reached out and asked if I’d model the merchandise… unfortunately, I never ended up doing that shoot… opportunity missed. Recently, another friend reached out and said, “My friend wants a cute blonde to do a shoot with his Harley-Davidson; I thought of you straight away.” How could I say no! So we touched base and organised a casting and ended up doing the shoot on this beautiful, reliable and proven, Harley-Davidson Softail Custom. 

Since then, I am doing more modelling and enjoying it. So, I’m appreciative for my friends who have supported and encouraged me throughout my modelling journey. My friends would say I’m the life of the party… a real fire cracker. Just like in Harry Potter: “Take it away, Ern! It’s going to be a bumpy ride.” 

Make sure you check out Arthur’s Reliable and Proven Harley-Davidson Softail feature for more photos of Wild Child.

Photos by Julius Goboly, Tower Photographics (0407-486-759).

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