A Touch Of Class Champagne Chopper

Frank decided to chop his Softail ready for his mate’s wedding. It was full steam ahead for the champagne chopper.

FRANK’S BIKE started life as a Softail Custom. It had custom wheels and paint with a few other chrome parts. Then Frank got bored with it and decided to visit Mild & Wild Custom Cycles where he’d had been taking his bike for all its previous work. He said to Dave at Mild & Wild, “Let’s chop her up!”

Dave called Darryl from Farnon Fabrication. They all sat down and put their ideas together.

The first thing to be done was for the Mild & Wild boys to strip the bike down and send the frame to Darryl so he could go crazy with his grinder and turn it into a chopper.

While that was being done, Dave stripped all the other parts for polishing, chroming, you name it, bits went everywhere. This project had to be finished for Frank’s mate’s wedding.

When the frame came back, Mild & Wild Custom Cycles set up the front-end and the wheels; then Darryl made the guards and mounted a custom tank.

The bike was now pulled down again and sent for paint. The paint was applied by Anthony Carona of Carona Bodyworks. The silver is a Subaru colour and the gold is a Volkswagen colour. Anthony did a great job on the paint.

Then it was time for the assembly. Dave got all the parts ready. The wheels, discs and sprocket came from Dragway; the big custom pipe by SuperTrapp. The engine and gearbox had been fully polished and rebuilt. The motor has cam, headwork and a Typhoon carby. It has a BDL three-inch belt drive, Arlen Ness forwards and grips, and heaps of other accessories.

Dave had all the paint and parts ready for assembly and the wedding was only 10 days away. Dave worked day and night, finishing it in seven days from a frame to a reliable bike.

The bike rides great and Frank is very happy with it, and so was his mate as it looks great in his wedding photos. Frank wanted a classy looking bike and he really got one. He would like to thank Dave from Mild & Wild, Darryl from Farnon Fabrication, Anthony from Carona Bodyworks, Phil the electrician, Dave from Dave’s Classic Detailing, and everyone else who helped out.

You’ll see more photos of Frank’s champagne chopper at Samantha the Naughty Librarian.

Photos by Wall 2 Wall; story by Dave

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