Samantha the Naughty Librarian

I STARTED modelling when I was approached on Bondi Beach. I was about 22 when I was discovered and I have been modelling ever since. It’s been really fun, and yeah, I do commercial work both in Sydney and Adelaide. It’s a great way to meet people and a great way to travel (or a great excuse to travel because I like travelling). I’ll eventually quit. I’m going to finish my degree first so it will be probably at the end of the year.

I used to live in Sydney but I moved to Adelaide for my course at uni and some family and friends.

It’s good in Adelaide because you can go to the outback within an hour, you can go to the beach in five minutes, or you can go into the hills quickly. It’s a nice ride to the Barossa Valley, like less than an hour… whereas in Sydney, it would take two or three hours to get anything, like the Blue Mountains are so far away…

One of my platonic male friends owns a motorcycle and last Sunday he got me to ride on the back of it. It was a bit scary but I gave it a go and I had to calm myself. I know it’s nothing compared to what the readers are doing, you know, they are riding motorcycles everyday, but I feel proud of myself I had a go.

I did a bit of acting when I was living in Sydney. I was in Grease… you are going to laugh but I actually played one of the boys because they ran out of blokes. I also played a witchetty grub and a tree when I was younger, but, hopefully, I will get to play a female role one day.

I have a pet fish. His name is Morgan. He splashes around in his fish tank at night; I hear this splashing and I think it’s a ghost or something but it’s just my fish having a play.

At university I’m doing a Librarianship… I am a naughty librarian.

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Photos by Wall 2 Wall

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