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HI. I CAME all the way from Newcastle for this photo shoot. I live at Bar Beach which the main beach in Merewether. Really, it’s the beach everyone goes to in Newcastle. I spend as much time as I can at the beach but mostly I’m out riding my horse; that’s where I get my suntan from.

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I have a thoroughbred gelding and I do ‘eventing’ as a sport. I have been riding since I was four and I’ve been competing for about four years. There are a lot of girls out there competing so it’s fairly competitive. I do one-day events—well it’s actually two days even though they call it a one-day event—where you have your dressage and show jumping on the first day; and then on the second day, you have your cross country which is basically obstacles that don’t fall down—water jumps and logs and those types of things.

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I grew up in a bike environment. The back shed is filled with bikes, all sorts of bikes, Postie bikes as well. I have a friend who rides a XR and a CRF50; and his brother has a Harley-Davidson Custom 1200, 2006 model, and I hope to get a ride on the back soon.

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I haven’t really done much modelling. I’ve only been doing it about a year. I have done a few jobs here and there but I’m trying to get as much work as I can.

This is my first magazine job and it’s really special to get on the Ozbike website with Brett’s drag bike.

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