Will Australia win the World Nitro Harley Record?

MARK Drew has released very exciting news that could potentially put Australia leading in Top Fuel Harleys in the world and better his personal best of 6.34 @ 230 plus mph. Just recently, Drew finalised a deal to get Jaska Salakari to Australia this coming January.

“Jaska is from Finland,” said Mark, “and has gone quicker than anyone else in the world on a V-Twin motorcycle. Jaska’s nitro bike is slightly different to the bikes we run in the world of nitro Harleys but due to a couple of minor issues he can not run in our class. He is bringing a fuel system the same as he runs on his bike which is different to anyone else in the world.”

They will begin testing at Willowbank Queensland on 6 January for the New Years 400 Thunder event. They will then run private test days at the 17 January all-bike meet, leading up to the Eastern Creek Sydney 20 January Santos Summer 400 Thunder event. Drew will then finish testing the new fuel system at the 400 Thunder Perth Motorplex round on 3—4 March in preparation for the 400 Thunder Championship series.

“My bike will be the first in the world to run this fuel system in the Nitro Harley Class; I have asked Jaska what he thought we could achieve in January when he comes to Australia. His reply was, ‘First personal best, then World Nitro Harley Record’. Pretty cool, I reckon.”

Renowned as the fastest man in Australia on one wheel for his awesome one-wheeled quarter-mile full-track wheelstands, fans and spectators around the globe will be waiting in anticipation to see what Jaska and Drew will have in store this upcoming season.

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